“My son felt very comfortable and secure”

DW, Tunbridge Wells

I first sought treatment with Claire for my daughter two years ago. We had a successful outcome, so I didn’t hesitate to contact her when I was seeking support for my son. My son was suffering from anxiety, depression and had developed a tick-like behaviour. Claire is a very kind, patient and warm person. My son felt very comfortable and secure talking about how he was feeling. I in turn also felt very supported and listened to. 

The remedies helped reduce night-time anxiety, they stopped fearful nightmares and allowed my son to deal with deep-rooted feelings of insecurity and self-esteem. The ticks have almost gone and my son is a happier and more confident child.

Claire offers ongoing advice, consultations and in my opinion goes above and beyond what many practitioners would do. My son and I truly value the time and guidance she has offered us. I simply think she is marvellous!

Digestive issues

“Our daughter’s condition has completely cleared and not returned”

CM, Tunbridge Wells

Claire takes an open-minded, compassionate and truly holistic approach to healthcare. Her naturally caring personality, coupled with her passion for what she does, puts you instantly at ease. She was able to help our daughter with a long-standing health issue, by taking into account her physical and mental well-being and without being dismissive or judgemental of the medical treatment she was also receiving.

Thanks to Claire, our daughter’s condition has completely cleared and not returned. We’re so grateful to her, not only for helping our daughter, but for helping to reduce the stress on our family as a whole. It’s great to know she’s there to help with anything the future may bring.

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